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Found on dusty shelves in a dark corner of the archvies, the panoramic photographs featured in this display have successfully been restored and conserved by the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts. The conservation was funded in part by a Save America's Treasures Grant administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Cowboys and Cowgirl Contestants

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1953 Madison Square Garden Contestants

Cowboys and Cowgirl Contestants

During the grant writing process, the Hall identified three categories of photograph - Good, Fair, and Poor. These categories were determined by the amount of treatment they would need. A majority of them fell into the Good to Fair category. This image is an example from the Good category. This photograph was sent to the conservation center tightly rolled, but with little other damage. To view the image, only a small portion was visible at a time. The tightnes of the roll made it difficult to study the image for any length of time. The conservation center safely unrolled and flattened the image. Now, thanks to these efforts, we can now safely examine the image. 

1953 Cowboys and Cowgirls Contestants


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